Kimberly the Studio is proud to offer Alexandria Body Sugaring™. Alexandria Body Sugaring paste is made from 100% natural ingredients that is not animal tested and does not cause any harmful or allergen-based side effects. The paste is so natural you can eat it!


Real women, real bodies, real spirit!

Named by many of her clients as the “Queen of the Brazilian”, Kimberly's approach nurtures and celebrates women through sisterhood and positive body image. Kimberly's gentle technique offers the utmost regard for the comfort and privacy of her guests.

Kimberly the Studio is proud to offer Alexandria Body Sugaring - a gentle, natural form of hair removal that has been used for thousands of years. This ancient Egyptian technique has been reformulated by the leading Canadian company in body sugaring for the highest quality and optimum results.

Bikini line Choices


Little Diva  -  $45

for youth ....a favourite for my talented dance & gymnast girls

Basic Beauty - $70

perfect for beginners                                                                              
sugar removes all the hair from outside the area of the bikini line

Goddess V - $80

sugar removes all the hair from full-back & front & inside areas, including abdomen & buttocks
leaving an empowering V shape enhancing the proportions of the torso & hips.              

Kimberly has been nicknamed by beloved clients as the “Vulva Artist” due to her meticulous care.
even for complimenting the bikini area with tattoo body art.

Brazilian - $80 -Up

the specialty of The Studio!
sugar removes all hair from the abdomen, full front & back & inside area & buttocks
leaves full area silky smooth & sensuous.


  • The initial visit will take the most time & care, guests all find next visits take less time & more ease

  • Within three visits guests will be well on their way to having less hair growth. Now is the Time! Why not journey down the path of having smoother and more beautiful skin?

  • The sugaring process uses 100% natural ingredients and can be used on all skin types – great news for anyone with the most sensitive skin.

  • Prices vary depending on the length of time, amount of products used & previous method of hair removal & length of hair (ex. hair that has been shaved or too short takes more time & care)


Kimberly porte bien son titre de reine des brésiliennes. Il n'y a rien à son épreuve. Je suis de taille forte et j'ai longtemps hésité avant d'aller me faire ce genre de service, mais je me suis finalement décidée d'y aller pour faire une épilation brésilienne au sucre. Kimberly m'a mise à l'aise aussitôt que je l’ai aperçue. 

Si vous hésitez à vous épiler à cet endroit, ou même pour recevoir d'autre services, je vous assure qu'il faut oser et tenter l'expérience vous y deviendrez accro. Kimberly veut encourager les femmes et même les hommes à se sentir bien dans leur corps pour que la magie ce créée. On peut très bien sentir qu'elle ne porte aucun jugement. Parfois elle semble plus à l’aise avec mon corps que moi. Elle adore son travail et on le sent lorsqu'on reçoit ses services. Kimberly fait plus que le nécessaire : elle ajoute sa touche personnelle à son travail et c'est ce qui la rend si hors du commun! Elle et sa magnifique maison sont entourées de cette énergie difficile à expliquer qui est douce et calme et qui rend l'expérience au studio très agréable. Après avoir reçu les services de Kimberly, il est certain que je ne retournerais pas ailleurs pour rien au monde, que ce soit pour le service impeccable qu'elle offre ou pour les échanges que nous avons qui m’enrichissent l’esprit. 


Kimberly truly is the queen of Brazilians. There is nothing she can’t handle. I am full-figured and hesitated a long time before getting this type of service, but finally decided to go for a Brazilian sugar hair removal.  Kimberly made me feel comfortable as soon as I saw her. 

If you hesitate about removing your hair at that place, or even to get other types of services, I assure you that you must dare to try this experience. You will become addicted.  Kimberly wants to encourage women and men to feel good about their body and to create that magic. You can clearly feel that she does not judge you. She sometimes seems more at ease with my body than I am myself. She loves her work and you can feel it when she takes care of you. She goes beyond what is expected: She adds her personal touch to her work and that is what makes her so extraordinary! Kimberly and her magnificent house are surrounded by this hard-to-describe, soft and calm energy that make the experience at her Studio so pleasant. After receiving Kimberly’s services, it is certain that I would never go elsewhere, because of the flawless care she provides and also the mind-opening exchanges we have. 


After being with the same lady for my waxing and being a new comer to the Brazilian I was so nervous to see a new face.  However, from the first moment I stepped into Kimberly Studio I felt a warm spot.  She was so welcoming and her positive energy just went through me.  Kimberly talked me through the entire sugaring process and I could not believe how comfortable I felt.  Not to mention it was almost painless.  I could not believe the different from regular Brazilian wax and being sugared down below :)  My skin felt so smooth after and there were no red bumps.  I cannot wait to get back :)  Not just for the body sugaring but to hear your contagious laugh and feel your positive energy as well :)
Jenn, The Lingerie Lady

I’m so happy that I found Kimberly The Studio!! My first Brazilian was done by somebody else and it was the worst. A lot of hair was left behind and the woman was not very nice and just did it all wrong. So at first, I was very worried that I would get another bad experience but I had nothing to worry about. Kimberly was very calm and respectful and she made me feel as ease from the get go. The method she uses works magic! It stings 100 times less than the regular wax and the redness and swelling is close to nothing. She’s very nice and talks to her clients so that there are no awkward moments. The best part is that she makes sure that the job gets done right. I loved my experience at Kimberly The Studio and I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone!!





Heheh I am one of the famous "petunia's" and I couldn't be happier with the service I receive every month from Kimberly smile emoticon she is honestly one of the best women I have ever met! We laugh, joke, share stories but most importantly she has given me a confidence I never knew I could have! I feel sexy and sassy every time I leave! I am so pleased I found her and I'm not letting go!!
Samantha Pauley